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Pogo games is an online gaming portal provided by electronic arts (EA) where millions of people enjoy and play games. Once you register yourself on this particular website pogo online games, you can immediately start playing your favorite games without wasting any time. You can play pogo games in this particular gaming portal without investing a single penny and thus, you do not have to provide your credit card details. So, it is safe!

To play pogo games on pogo.com, all you need is an electronic device like a phone or tablet or computer (PC or laptop) and you need to make sure that your device has an active internet connection. Now sometimes, a few of the online games in this portal might demand extensions like Java and Flash player. If these extensions or plug-in crashes in the middle of your game, you might face some unseen interruptions. 

Pogo games requires the support of flash player, java, HTML5 technology in order to run smoothly. The best and famous web browsers, google chrome and Mozilla Firefox does not allow java games and thus has disappointed a lot of players and users. If you want to get into more details, then you can directly contact our Pogo customer support toll free number which is 1800-933-2441

Technical Requirements

Most Common Issues

Other such problems may include difficulty to load Pogo games in your web browser, facing issues to install java and flash player, unable to download games on your PC or tablet or phone, game freezing in the middle, browser not supporting the games, losing your screen name and password, not being able to reactivate Club Pogo subscription, not being able to move objects in the hidden object games, losing the access to the old email address that was associated to pogo account and not receiving the password reset link on your new email ID. If you are unable to setup your pogo games so simple connect pogo tech support number.

confused computer

Another one of the most common issues is not having a good internet connection. If you are facing problems regarding your internet connection, please contact your internet service provider. Then if you do not clean the junk, cookies, and cache that your PC saves every day it may interfere with your online gaming and might cause errors. To resolve such technical errors in your Pogo account, contact pogo help at Pogo customer support or pogo support phone number for a better solution and immediate assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All the users can also get full access to all the premium games by signing up for Club Pogo. The subscription will require a specific amount of money but with the help of this subscription, you can hunt an unlimited number of games, participate in tournaments, and so on.

Now you might face an unfortunate event where you will not be able to login into your Pogo account because you forgot the Pogo user ID and password. You need not worry if such a situation arises! The latest system upgrade has brought in few changes and as a result it has made the user experience a lot easier and smoother. One simple solution to ignore this kind of situation is to upgrade to the EA account.

If you have done that, then the email address will be your new Pogo user ID. Now that you got yourself a new user ID, login with the same email address and the password you last used. If you face any difficulty or get an error during the login process, click on the “forgot password” from the screen and fill in your email address. After some time, you will receive an email containing the password reset link from pogo customer support or pogo tech support number. By further going to the link, you can change your password to gain access to your Pogo account. You can always seek Pogo support or Pogo tech support number and speak to the EA advisors if you still face some issues.

Here are some useful tips to remember your Pogo password to play Pogo games – you should never reveal your Pogo password to anyone, write down your login credentials somewhere safe for future references, keep the current email address active, upgrade your Pogo account to EA, have an updated anti-virus in your computer, use google chrome browser and install java and flash player and keep them updated. If you still are unable to access your Pogo games account then contact to Pogo tech support number or the Pogo support phone number. Another piece of advice is to keep the operating system of your PC updated.

There are few users whose account got suspended even when they did not violate the EA guidelines. You can immediately contact the Pogo customer support number and talk to the EA games customer support or advisers. If you notice anything suspicious, immediately report to Pogo tech support number. Do not reply to anu unknown email in the ame of Pogo or EA. Never share your password with anyone and keep changing it frequently. Your computer should be secure.

Every technical gadget like Xbox faces some issues at least once. If you ever encounter such issues, do not feel perplexed because there is a very simple solution. All you need to do is reset your Xbox console. In order to reboot your Xbox, you need to press hold the power button for about 20-30 seconds and then release it. You can again press the power button to boot it back to normal. If you need additional guidance, you can contact the Xbox customer support.

Useful Tips

Internet explorer 11 – IE11 is the suitable choice of web browser which will support all kinds of Pogo games like puzzle, card, board, hidden-objects, bingo, casino, slots etc.

Sometimes certain technical faults cause a lot of interruptions but if you correct those faults, you can easily restart your gaming. You can follow the exact same steps when you are unable to move the objects in “hidden object” game.

Your first step will be to choose Internet  explorer 11 as your web browser. Then install and verify java and flash player and never forget to clear browser cache and cookies because they take up a lot of RAM space in your PC which is most likely to cause interruption in your gaming. The resolution of Pogo browser has to be set to 100% and the computer screen resolution has to be set to 1024×764 or 1152×864. If you are still facing compatibility issue with the OS of your PC, then contact pogos phone number.

Client's Testimonials

julie andrews

The pogo technical support is the “man of the words”. They do help and reach out to the pogo users and are available 24*7 just as they say! They give the best technical support always and they have all the solutions of any problem related to technology. You will never be disappointed with them!

Jhon Doe

My pogo account was locked and I could not figure out anything. I was feeling very disappointed and without much hope, I gave a call in the Pogo customer support number. To my awe, they listened to all my problems and gave me the best and a very easy solution and it worked! I am so thankful to them and I finally got my account back and now I can play all my favourite games here!

Riyana Moun

Once I had a problem loading the pogo games at around 2 AM in the morning. I could not figure out what to do but still I called the pogo customer service number because they claim they are available 24*7 and it indeed was true. They listened to all my problems and gave me step-by-step process of the solutions. They stayed with me until I could resolve my problems!


The best ever technical support experience ever had with pogo support team, technical staff is expert and very helpful.


I LOVE Pogo. I The games, the tokens, chat and too many other things. I found this platform the best pogo support ever.

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