Sometimes users cannot determine the issues they are facing with pogo gaming, especially when suddenly the game freezes in the middle. This may be the resultant of the disabled or no java plug-ins and flash player in your web browser. These technical problems can be very challenging to solve individually, all by you. But you need not worry because Pogo support or Pogo support phone number will help you through all your problems. You will get to have a conversation with the tech experts and they will provide you with the simple solution for all your problems.

You can get all kinds of assistance for various problems and issues related to pogo games, your web browser, plug-ins, account services, internet etc. you can also contact the Pogo support phone number if you need help with your billing or subscription. Your outdated billing information can easily snatch away your access to premium games and offer you the access to the regular games.

What to do If Java Application is not Running Successfully?

Certain Pogo online games demands technical requirements like of Java applications. Not just that, in order for the games to run smoothly you also needs to check the compatibility of your web browser. Once you have done that, install the Java application which is absolutely free of cost and it will be downloaded within few minutes if you have a good internet connection.

Internet explorer 11 is the most suitable web browser to play games and it takes few minutes of time to install Java. All you need to do is open your browser, click on the settings button and open manage add-ons. You will find all the installed toolbars and extensions. Scroll down to find Java and enable it! Even then if your Pogo online games are not running smoothly, you can just uninstall java and reinstall it. Directly go to the control panel and look for the “programs” option and select java to uninstall it. Then reboot your computer to install Java again.

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Similarly you should always make sure that you have installed flash player and check if it is active or not. If it is not installed, follow the same steps. It is always safe and a far better option to access Pogo help and get in touch with the Pogo technical support number.


The best way to get in touch with EA games customer support for Pogo games is to contact Pogo support. The number is toll free and it will connect you with the online experts who will help you get in touch with the EA officials. There is no fixed instance when you can call the Pogo support phone number. Whether your browser is not loading pogo.com website, online games are not loading, computer antivirus has blocked the pogo website, Pogo games freezing in PC or if you are facing difficulty in downloading flash player and Java, Pogo support will always have your back!

Pogo support phone number is available 7 days a week so that you can get a faster access to the EA experts who will eventually help you get back to playing the games. Those professional technology experts will not only help you recover the game related problems but they will also help you out if you are having some issues with your computer. They will fulfil all kinds of technical requirements in just one phone call. You can rectify the plug-in problems, connectivity issues, login access to Pogo account, earn back the lost badges and tokens, recover hacked Pogo account, activate, update or cancel Pogo subscription and so on so forth.

You can get in touch with the EA agents in several ways. For starters, you can have a live chat which is open for all of the users throughout the day. If those issues remain unresolved, then you can make a call to the Pogo support or Pogo support number. You can even post a problem in the forum to get your solution to the problems that you have been facing.

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